Elephant Stereo is a music project started in 2009 and is often described as a blend of digital fusion, chiptune, and idm. ES continues to push the boundaries of what these genres mean, by drawing influences from atypical sources, such as children's music, fine art, and classical music. ES's new album Clara Years is a patiently woven album that focuses on emotional sincerity. The album carefully studies the emotions of contentment and peace. With ES's usual quirky melodies, lush harmonies and funky rhythms with disregard of genre, the album results in a surreal and touching experience.

Artwork by Eko Shinohara しのはらえこ ( twitter: @eko_pict
Mastered by Angel Marcloid at Angel Hair Audio ( twitter: @fire_toolz / @angelhairaudio
Mixing with help from Angel Marcloid
Songs written and produced by Elephant Stereo ( twitter: @elephantstereo

Enjoy this interactive sound toy using samples from the upcoming album. Go on, click the squares!

March 23, 2023 - Clara Years was featured as the release of the week on Listencorp! "hyperactive jazz manages a catchy and thoughtful tunefulness while also throwing the listener crisp electronic curveballs along the way."

March 13, 2023 - Clara Years was featured on the Bandcamp front page under the 'new and notable' section!